Gram staining essay

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Gram staining lab report

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Gram Staining

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Micro Biology Lab Gram Staining Lab Report Purpose The purpose of this lab was to experiment with a staining technique called Gram Staining. Gram Stains is used to identify and classify bacteria, it is a differential stain that allows you to classify bacteria as either gram-positive or gram-negative.

Gram staining is a very important technique used in biology labs all over the world. It is a technique used to differentiate types of bacteria using certain physical and chemical characteristics of their cell walls.

Results The gram staining lab was a huge success. Many different types of both gram negative and gram positive bacteria were identified. There were even a few gram insensitive fellows that had some interesting characteristics such as being spiral shaped.

Gram staining is a bacteriological laboratory technique[4] used to differentiate bacterial species into two large groups (Gram-positive and Gram-negative) based on the physical properties of their cell walls.[5].

The Gram-staining process discovered in (published ) by Hans Christian Gram, a Danish bacteriologist and plays an important role in the classifying the bacteria.

Gram-staining is usually the first step in identification bacteria and can be. Gram Staining Essay. Title: Identification of Two Unknown Bacteria’s Through the Use of Gram Staining Introduction: The Gram staining of bacteria is a widely used method to identify unknown bacteria.

The purpose of this method is to find out identities of unidentified bacteria.

Gram staining essay
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