Canadian peacekeeping essay

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Japan has to do its part, the poems say. The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping name August 9 th as Peacekeeping Day to recognize the service and dedication of Canadians who served and continue to serve in the name of peace and security.

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The United Nations was initially created as a security institution that is designed to establish peace and security in the post-world war two world. The most visible and significant conflict management role performed by the United Nations is peacekeeping, which has had fifty-four operations between /5(5).

How Peacekeeping in the Canadian Context has Changed Over the Past Decades - Canadians strongly believe that peacekeeping is about trying to protect people from extreme harm, a way of providing hope in situations that seem hopeless, and a good method of bringing peace and justice to war-torn countries or failed states.

The Canadian government has a strong mandate from the Canadian public to contribute to UN peacekeeping and a long-standing heritage to uphold. In a conflict-ridden world, there are both great challenges and new opportunities for Canada to contribute to more effective peacekeeping.

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Canadian peacekeepers served in the UN to help create conditions for peace. The first peacekeeping mission for Canadians was in and took place in Egypt.

They were sent to Egypt and were traditionally placed between hostile forces to watch cease-fires and withdrawal from opposing forces.

Canadian peacekeeping essay
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